Friday, March 22, 2013

Thuraya SatSleeve turns Apple iPhone into satellite phone

Apple iPhone users in the enterprise, government, and consumer markets can now enjoy satellite telephony services thanks to the recently launched Thuraya SatSleeve adaptor.

SatSleeve is the first consumer-friendly mobile satellite phone in the industry. It leverages Thuraya’s extensive satellite network to provide iPhone users with easy and affordable access to mobile satellite communications.

The compact adaptor is a little bigger than the iPhone itself and is capable of giving the capabilities of a satellite phone to the Apple product. With SatSleeve, iPhone users can enjoy reliable connectivity even when they are outside the reach of traditional terrestrial networks.

iPhones usually access connectivity from terrestrial networks that have limited coverage areas. In comparison, Thuraya SatSleeve allows users to access connectivity anywhere in the world. It also works as an important mobile communications tool for users who take long expeditions into remote regions that cannot be reached by terrestrial mobile networks. This includes corporate users, especially enterprises that operate in remote regions of the world, as well as explorers, mountaineers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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